Call of a Coward

This review is for Call of a Coward: The God of Moses and the Middle-Class Housewife by Marcia Moston. This book was a good, quick read for me. The author's writing was just like we were sitting having a conversation. She was candid about her very real doubts and fears about God's calling for her family. Her husband felt the call to do mission work in Guatamala, which meant leaving their comfortable lifestyle here in the States to live in a Mayan village with very few amenities. I really appreciated her willingness to be a Godly wife and submitting to the call for her husband's life. All throughout the book, Moston gives example after example of God's provision and blessings that He freely bestows on those who follow his lead. Not only was this a refreshing reminder, but a timely one for as I have been called to something that I have been reluctant to accept. One negative ably the book would be the author's tendency to jump from one memory to another. It wouldn't make sense at some times because there seemed to be no transition. It confused me every now and then. Over all this was a good book and I'd probably recommend this to a friend. Thomas Nelson Publishing sent me this book for an honest review. The opinions are all mine.

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