Seeds of Turmoil

I received Seeds of Turmoil by Bryant Wriht well over a year ago from Book Sneeze in return for my review. Believe me, this is all my opinion. I chose this book because it was about something very prevalent in our world, but has roots in Biblical times. It discussed the roots of the conflict with the Muslim world. Interesting, right? Sadly, the book was nowhere close to interesting. I got while I was studying for med tech boards, so I thought I would save it for after I was finished studying for that. After my boards, I had our first child and thought those numerous nighttime feedings would be a good time to try it. No. I would pick it up every so often, but couldn't stand to read more than a couple of paragraphs. I don't know what it is about the author's writing, but I just couldn't get into it. So if he provided any good information, it was lost on me. I don't think I'd be recommending this book to anyone...

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